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Commercial Solar Immersion Control

E.R.S PRO Commercial

With E.R.S PRO Commercial excess renewable energy is diverted to heat your water cylinders, rather than being returned to the grid. Featuring multiple outputs, external timers, and an individual LCD screen for each phase, the system offers unparalleled versatility that we customize for your requirements and energy demands.


Where large amounts of hot water are required a 3-phase hot water diversion system is extremely cost effective, which is where the E.R.S PRO Commercial steps in. This system is uniquely designed to manage from 150W to over 27kW, in three phases and also corrects any phase imbalance during operation, enhancing the efficiency of other power-intensive equipment. This makes it ideal for large heat stores, buffer cylinders, or supporting commercial-grade biomass.

F-POINT technology® is our patented energy measurement method that ensures that power is exclusively sourced from renewable means, effectively eliminating unwanted energy import. This feature is critical in commercial settings where substantial energy transfers are commonplace, ensuring optimal energy utilization and cost-efficiency.

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