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3kW Power Diverter

The Most Cost Effective Solution

FAZE ECO diverts excess renewable energy to heat your hot water instead of sending it back to the grid. ​

FAZE ECO is built to last, utilising the highest quality components. Our patented technology makes FAZE ECO the most efficient power diverter available. The core technology has been refined over the past decade to deliver class leading performance. This is backed by a 5 year hassle free warranty.

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Plug & Play

High quality clip in connectors ensures a secure connection. This also results in a quick and efficient, trouble free, installation. 

Cost Effective

Storing solar energy as hot water is currently the most cost effective way to store surplus solar energy. 

Live Readings

The power bar shows live accurate information about changes in the amount of power being diverted to the load.

Five Year Warranty

FAZE ECO is designed and built to last. But if you need support, we've got you covered with a 5-year warranty when you register your product for free.

Manual Boost

The manual boost button gives a timed option for additional heating when needed.

Battery Compatible

Simply press the battery mode button to give the battery priority of export renewable energy.


  • LED Output Display

  • Battery Compatible

  • Sealed Aluminum Enclosure

  • UK Based Technical Support

  • Plug & Play Power Connections

  • 5 Year Warranty When You Register Your Product

  • Patented 200ms Export Measurement Time

  • Manual Boost Button

  • Convective Cooling

  • Install Next To Distribution Board Or Load

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Smart Technology

F-POINT technology® is PowerFlow's patented power control measurement system. With reactions to changes in export levels five times every second this ensures energy is always supplied from the renewable source, eliminating unwanted import and saving even more electricity.

What's in the box?

FAZE ECO Power Diverter

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Power Cables 2 x 3 Meters


Wall Fixing Set

Push Fit Connector


Current Clamp & Connector


Installation Manual


Product Dimensions


Technical Specifications

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Easy To Install

Understanding Battery Compatibility Mode

Battery compatibility addresses a common issue in systems that utilize storage batteries alongside other technologies. Often, these independent systems compete over the surplus energy available for export. The battery compatibility feature of FAZE ECO mitigates this by allowing users to adjust energy distribution priorities. When the battery button is activated, FAZE ECO's export energy measurement rate decreases, giving precedence to a third-party battery system. This ensures that any available energy is first directed to battery storage, and only then to the hot water cylinder. On the default setting, when the button is not activated, priority is maintained with the FAZE ECO.

This feature operates independently of Battery Management Systems (BMS) and does not physically connect to the battery. It is installed downstream of the generation meter, thus it has no impact on feed-in tariff rates. Additionally, it is compatible with various generation systems, including solar PV, wind, and hydro, from any brand.

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