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Generate Your Energy Security

Commercial Renewable Energy Solutions
For Business

Save up to 80% on energy costs with solar and storage.

PowerFlow Commercial designs and implements engineering lead targeted solutions to real life commercial energy problems. Based in Gloucestershire, and backed by two decades of experience in the solar sector, The founders of Powerflow Energy are one of the few trail blazers with the UK solar industry.

With energy inflation at its highest levels, getting on top of your energy costs has never been more critical.

Our Services 

Design & Consultancy

To fully understand your renewable requirement, we start with understanding your business and when you use energy the most.

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kWh's of Energy

Storage Installed

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kWh Saved

Total Carbon



Solar Immersion Control

Are you are big hot water user? if so, then PowerFlow Commercial 3 phase Energy Recovery Systems (ERS) can save you thousands every year. We design and build custom solar immersion control solutions for heating water from excess solar.  Designed for your application, these control units direct power when in excess and convert to heat for use within your business resulting in a gas, Oil, LPG of electricity savings.


Our custom solution is designed specifically for perfect system for your specific site. With full control and versatility

  • Worry-free – our warranties 

  • Experience – We know 

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