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Solar Design & Consultancy

To start the design we analyze your energy usage patterns and compile a comprehensive document that include charts and detailed information about your energy costs and potential profits. This report incorporates various factors, such as the times when you use and generate energy. We also provide an estimated return on investment to help you make an informed decision about proceeding with the installation.

Depending on your energy usage we may recommend installing an energy monitoring device so we can build an accurate demand profile. We can then design and specify the best system to suit your energy demands.

We have been installing solar PV for 24 years


Solar panels are made to last for over 25 years


Many of our customers see a payback of between 3-5 years


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The Project Process


Project feasibility discusion


Renewable system technical design


Exiting energy demand and load analysis profiling 


System costs, payback and savings analysis


DNO grid connection technical application and negotiation


Project management of installation


Materials procurement and manufacturing of custom solutions if required


Testing, commissioning and monitoring

Detailed Data Analysis

We utilize industry-leading software to accurately predict the optimal system for your specific needs. We present you with a detailed design with the numbers. This is based on your energy generation patterns and demand profile, we can then for example determine whether you would benefit from incorporating batteries or if energy storage as heat—based on your hot water usage—would be advantageous. Our approach tailors solar energy solutions precisely for your premises. Making the system much more cost effective. From these insights, we provide detailed economic efficiency calculations, clearly showing how and when you can expect to reach your break-even point.

Specification & Supply
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After analyzing all the relevant data and after we get the go ahead, we supply and deliver the complete kit required for your installation. Our bulk purchasing allows us to offer these components at a reduced cost. Once everything is delivered, our skilled team will begin the installation process, ensuring a seamless transition to solar energy for your facility.

Ian Murray. BSc (Hons) MIET

Renewables Design Consultant


01452 421271


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Powering towards a clean energy future

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