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Solar Panels Technician

Our Journey

Our journey into renewables began in 2000, at the dawn of the technology. Over the past 24 years, we have devoted our careers to mastering, implementing, and enhancing these technologies. Despite advancements, our founding principles remain unchanged: generate energy solely from the earth’s free resources and use it as efficiently as possible. Meanwhile, global temperatures have continued to escalate, with insufficient action being taken to address this critical issue.

Our Mission Statement 

It must be our generation's responsibility to invent the future of clean energy technologies, so future generations may prosper in a sustainable world.


We believe that the only way to truly take on the global carbon issue is by the implementation of new carbon reducing technologies. That's how previous generations have solved the problems of the past and what we must do for the future. 

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Clear focus company incorporation and the start of our renewable journey.

First domestic solar installation.


Installing Solar Panels


First domestic battery storage installation.

First commercial solar installation.


Sustainable Energy


Accreditation with Clear Skies scheme through the building research establishment (BRE).

Development of proprietary battery storage system with auto backup functionality




Installation of government infrastructure project with UK's first solar battery auto change over system. 

Development of off grid lithium charge control technology for government applications


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ers 4.0 product timeline

PowerFlow design, develop and manufacture award winning storage products for the renewable energy industry.

PowerFlow launches two new models of the Energy Recovery System and starts development of the 1st generation battery storage technology. PowerFlow Wins the EMI 2015 award.


award won by powerflow energy
sundial timeline


GEN 1 battery storage technology launched, development of manufacturing and supply chains with 1st stage investment secured.

Continuation and refinement of GEN 1 manufacture with cost saving developments implemented. Development of smart energy gateway and online portal.


2018 Sundial M8 mounted on a stone wall


2018 ERS GATEWAY for internet connectivity

Launch of Energy Gateway and online portal for monitoring and IOT smart control. Development and launch of ERS PRO for advanced system integrators

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Beginning of development for 2nd generation battery storage system with increased power and AI based dynamic control. GEN 1 battery production ceases.


solar panels in a field


New website to support growing sales  and customers.  A special effort to develop a new innovative product for our changing future.

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Development of new DC coupled storage battery (Sundial 5)

Patent pending  development project of new universal renewable energy control.

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Launch of PowerFlow Commercial, design and consultancy with commercial grade immersion control 

SMA Logo

New FAZE ECO Product Released. 

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