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Without progression, Knowledge is limited

All PowerFlow innovations are based on pure science, facts and figures that simply make sense.  
The result: well designed technologies that deliver class leading results. 

From initial concept, to research and development, through to product completion,
we make sure our products are put through their paces.  

As a result of PowerFlows continued R&D program, new technologies emerge,
this section of our website is dedicated to those breakthroughs - as they happen.



The Philosophy of PowerFlow Design

Redefine conventional ideas and transform our innovations into advanced energy solutions

At PowerFlow we strive for the best possible solution. 
That's why we encourage free thinking backed up by pure science. 

We ask the difficult questions, so you don't have to.
How safe it is, how efficient will it be, how long will it last.

F-POINT technology ® Advanced Power Measurement 

The founding technical advancement of PowerFlow Energy 

F-POINT technology® is an advanced method of measuring energy flow within a building and subsequently 
translating this information for use within PowerFlow's energy storage products.

 It forms the foundation of all PowerFlow electricity control and storage systems.   

For any renewable storage system to work at its best,
it all starts by calculating whats happening within the building.

Because electricity moves so fast, building a measurement and storage system that
adapts itself instantly to these changes is essential.   

F-POINT technology®, is an industry first.
Measurement and reaction processes occur 5 times per second and
automatically allows for power quality issues.

That means you get to use your stored energy in the most efficient way possible without wasting a drop.    

Slow reaction times to energy changes result in either stored energy being sent back to the grid, or worse,
imported from the grid for storage, that defeats the purpose of storage from renewables in the first place.

The Key benefits of F-POINT technology® are. 

• Reaction time to energy change of 200 milliseconds

• Automated management of exported energy levels ensuring no export or import occurs

• Automated management of imported energy levels ensuring no export from the battery occurs

• The ability to run multiple loads simultaneously irrespective of size

• Intelligent self-learning algorithm means automated commissioning with no software setup

• Automated fully modulated input and output power level control

• Efficient control results in extremely low loss and high efficiency

• Emissions of EMI, EMC, Flicker and Harmonic distortion surpass industry standards

• Maximum safety of the power control system is achieved 

Energy Diversion Explained

As with any engineering solution, there is always more than one way to achieve the same basic result 
However, some solutions may be more effective than others.

Take a look at Formula 1 motor sport, 
this is the pinnacle of automotive technology advancement and the perfect example of
how different approaches to the same problem can lead to very different levels of success. 

The same can be said for almost every industry that involves technological advancement, 
energy capture is very much part of this group.

It's all about the control system!

Why are fast reactions so important 

All power control methods are made up of two main processes which are interlinked,
the measurement of the energy flow and the subsequent control of that energy dictated by the measurement. 

If the measurement method is inaccurate or slow then the control of that energy will demonstrate the same problems. 

F-POINT technology® is different

It combines an extremely fast and accurate measurement method which delivers
information on energy levels quicker than any other system.

 5 times per second!
That's how fast our products receive live information enabling them to be proactive,
not reactive to changes in energy levels

Combined with smart power modulation and intelligent self-learning software,
F-POINT technology® is simply in a class of its own. 

Slow reacting devices can result in energy import by not adjusting quickly to changes in export energy levels.
This leads to an accidental increase in electricity consumption, a known problem with energy storage products.

During the development of F-POINT technology® particular care was taken to eliminate this
effect during periods when import or export energy levels are fluctuating.

 By designing smarter, faster, solid state electronics, the
 level of accuracy in the control system is unparalleled and results in greater efficiency,
increased savings and longer component life.

Energy Storage Graph

The graph below shows that fast reaction times allow PowerFlow technologies to track energy levels exactly.

This ensures that no accidental energy import takes place, or that valuable saved energy
is not exported from the battery, defeating the very point of energy storage.