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E.R.S PRO T-SMART 3kW sets new standards for smart solar immersion control using the T-SMART mobile application. With ultra efficient smart learning and remote app monitoring and control.

The smartest


solar immersion controller

power diverter labeled with features

Plug and play connectors

The E.R.S PRO features high quality German engineered connectors ensuring a high quality secure connection. This results in a quick and efficient, trouble free, installation. 

F-POINT technology® Advanced Power Control

• Reaction time of <200ms, eliminating unwanted grid import during operation

• Automated management of surplus solar energy to run heating device  

• Intelligent self-learning algorithm means automated setup

• Output levels from 5% to 100% of load 

• Efficient control results in extremely low loss, 98% efficiency 

• Emissions of EMI, EMC, Flicker and Harmonic distortion surpass industry standards 


E.R.S PRO has a 2 year warranty as standard, backed by PowerFlow. This can be extended to 5 years for free by registering your product on the warranty page. If you have an issue we will get you up and running 

Smart and manual boost functions

The E.R.S PRO incorporates smart boost which intelligently applies the boost function when generation is low for a period of time. Lack of export power will automatically trigger the boost function for the set period. The function can be turned on or off in the settings menu and is particularly useful in all electric single tariff households.  

Total by-pass

The E.R.S PRO incorporates a fully independent manual isolation and by-pass switch. Simply flick the switch to turn off the unit or by-pass the recovery function, supplying mains power directly to electrical load. This feature can be used if the electrical device is required to be turned on manually or E.R.S is not required for a period of time. It can also be used for regulatory testing of the electrical load circuit without risking damage to the device.  

Metal case for cooling and dust / moisture resistance

The E.R.S PRO is sealed against the ingress of dust and moisture to protect the internal electronics, to IP44. The result: no dust ingress to overheat internal components and no moisture ingress to corrode the electronics. This increases reliability which leads to longer component life. 

LCD display

The backlit LCD display shows live information about the system status. The display features; auto time out - 5 minutes; live exported power; live imported power; live output power; operation status and total kWh savings. 

External override timer and smart relay

The E.R.S PRO has an auxiliary connection which can be used with a standard external timer. The timer will override the E.R.S function during the timed period. The function can be turned on or off in the settings menu. This feature is particularly useful in all electric households with a night rate electricity tariff or in installations containing heat pumps.  

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Fully compatible with third party battery systems

F-POINT technology® is PowerFlow's patented power control measurement system. With reactions to changes in export levels of five times per second E.R.S is in a class of its own. This enables the measurement system to be adjusted according to any third party battery systems meaning priority can be set for either device.

side angle of the E.R.S PRO solar immersion controller
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Remote Control and Monitoring

E.R.S PRO T-SMART has mobile remote monitoring and control with the T-SMART app. You can change settings, modes and manually boost your water temperature remotely. As well is this, you can set heating plans for an automated boost at your chosen times of day.

Advanced F-POINT Technology®
F-POINT technology® ensures energy is always supplied from the renewable source, eliminating unwanted import. This is essential in commercial applications where large amounts of energy is being transferred.

F - Point Energy Recovery System
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Legionella and Frost Protection


Legionella is a bacteria that can grow in water below 60ºC. T-SMART has a built-in function checking the water temperature, If the heater does not reach 60°C for 15 days in a row, the Anti-Legionella cycle will be launched.

The smart thermostat prevents water temperature from dropping below 10°C. The water temperature is constantly kept at 10°C, in order to prevent harmful freezing in winter periods.

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The Einstein Of Solar Immersion Controllers 

Five T-SMART Operating Modes

Manual Mode:

This mode allows you to manually set the desired water temperature, in the range between 10 and 70°C. 

Eco Mode:

The water temperature is kept at 55°C. This temperature level enables optimal long-term water heater operation, in terms of energy savings, lower heat losses, hot water availability and heating element durability.

Smart Mode:

The smart function enables the water heater to learn hot water consumption habits and to adjust water heating to your needs. This means that hot water is available when needed but made with major energy savings. 

Timer Mode:

The timer mode allows you to program the water heater in line with your needs. Water temperature can be set hourly, daily and weekly and saved as a personalized plan. 

Travel Mode:

The travel mode is recommended when you are not planning to use the heater for a longer period of time the water temperature is automatically set to 10°C in order to prevent potential freezing and unnecessary energy consumption while users are absent.

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