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ERS-EL6 Export Limitation Module

Solar PV export limitation made easy

PowerFlow's Export Limitation Module has been designed as a control device for the disconnection of solar inverters to limit grid export.

With increasing connections of renewable generators filling up the available capacity on the national distribution network,
grid connection permission is becoming increasingly more difficult.

Distribution Network Operators (DNO's) are increasingly limiting generator size or limiting the amount of power allowed to be exported.

PowerFlow's Export Limitation Module (ERS-EL6) can be used in combination with ERS PRO to control export power at a pre set level.  

Clear Status Indication

PowerFlow ERS-EL6 conforms to DNO regulatory standards.

Inverter disconnection time of <400ms, built in redundancy and a plug and play design results in quick cost effective installation. 

Clear LED indicators display the connection status and when combined with ERS PRO, ERS-EL6 is pre coded with the DNO's requested export limit.
It is also supplied with a conformity certificate stating the pre-set limit to support the systems documentation during the commissioning stage.


Made For E.R.S PRO

ERS-EL6 is designed to match finish of the E.R.S PRO enclosure

The Power and data connections are handed to ensure simple integration so your installation not only performs well but looks great! 

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