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Transforming energy storage for a decade

It must be our generation’s responsibility to invent the future of clean energy technologies, so future generations may prosper in a sustainable world.


Energy Recovery System (E.R.S)

The Original Power Diverter

We have been refining our patented power diverters for over 10 years.

With a class leading efficiency of 98% and proven reliability. 

PowerFlow's energy diverters are the premium choice.

solar power diverter uk

Convert waste into savings.

Our power diverters save energy by directing excess solar energy to heat your hot water or home.

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3kW, Perfectly Simple.

  1. Five Year Warranty

  2. Plug and Play Connectors

  3. Advanced F-Point Technology

  4. Manual Boost Button

  5. LED Display

  6. Battery Compatibility

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6kW, Powerfully Versatile.

  1. Five Year Warranty

  2. Crystal Clear LCD Display

  3. External Override Timer

  4. Smart Relay

  5. Smart Boost 

  6. Plug and Play Connectors

  7. Total Bypass Mode

  8. Battery Compatibility

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3kW, Smart Learning App.

  1. Five Operating Modes Including Smart Learning

  2. Crystal Clear LCD Display

  3. Remote App Boosting and Temperature Control

  4. Plug and Play Connectors

  5. Total Bypass Mode

  6. Battery Compatibility


3kW Power Diverter

FAZE ECO is our fit and forget no fuss solution. With F-POINT technology®, plug and play connections and automated setup as standard. It's perfect for domestic solar applications to support a gas or oil system boiler.


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Our 6kW flagship solution, E.R.S PRO has advanced software and improved efficiency to support whole building solar energy management. Designed for multi-immersion domestic and three phase commercial thermal store applications.


E.R.S PRO 6kW (2023)

E.R.S PRO T-SMART Learning 3kW

E.R.S PRO T-SMART is our 3kW premium app-controlled solution with five operating modes including smart learning mode. With full app control and temperature monitoring.


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E.R.S PRO T-SMART front on image.png

The immersion element and header are included


F-POINT Technology

Our industry leading patented technology, (F-POINT technology®)  ensures no energy is wasted.

Save Money

With Energy prices rising reducing energy consumption is more important than ever.

Easy Installation

Installers love it!

With pre wired connectors and automatic setup software, it's a doddle.

Fanless Cooling

Completely Silent, The custom IP metal case, keeps out dust & moisture while staying cool and reliable.

Manual Boost

Need a boost?

No problem! The manual and timed override features enable full control when needed.

We've Got You Covered

Our products are designed and built to last. But if you need support we've got you covered.

What Our Customers Say




We fitted one of your PowerFlow units as a result of a visit to discuss power-saving measures with someone from Greenshop Solar. This was over a month ago, and as a result of the surplus energy that would have gone to the grid being diverted to our immersion heater, we have not had to use our gas boiler for water heating since. In addition, we have much more and much hotter water available. Fitting was quickly completed by Tim, which is all very compact and does not involved any major works and a very minimal amount of cable. We would strongly recommend this unit to others who have solar panels.



Excellent money saver

The PowerFlow ERS Mini monitors your main incoming power cable, your side of the meter. It detects any exported power from your solar panels and diverts the major part of that power to (in my case) the electric immersion heater in my hot water tank. So far, I have had access to hot water for over a month and have only used mains power on two occasions, thus saving on the cost of water heating. My daily consumption has fallen from 8kWh to under 3kWh per day.



I've not used the gas boiler for water heating since

E.R.S has fit seamlessly into my setup and is running with my battery storage. I now have lots of energy control that I was previously lacking. A brilliant product.

Peace of Mind Guaranteed

If you're not happy with your product for any reason, you can return it within 2 months hassle free. If your product fails under warranty, we will repair or replace it.

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Large Three Phase Domestic and Commercial E.R.S Control Panels Available

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