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solar powered house with solar power diverter

One Small Step For Climate Kind

PowerFlow Energy

Transforming energy storage for over a decade.

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What is PowerFlow's

Energy Recovery System (E.R.S)

An E.R.S solar immersion controller (power diverter) saves energy by directing excess solar electricity to heat your hot water or home.

The really clever bit is that it does this in real time to match what your solar panels are generating.

E.R.S Mini

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E.R.S Mini is our fit and forget no fuss solution. With F-POINT technology®, plug and play connections and automated setup as standard. It's perfect for domestic solar applications to support a gas or oil system boiler.

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Our 6kW flagship solution, E.R.S PRO has advanced software and improved efficiency to support whole building solar energy management. Designed for multi-immersion domestic and three phase commercial thermal store applications.

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F-POINT technology®

Our industry leading patented technology ensures no energy is wasted.

Saves money

With Energy prices rising reducing energy consumption is more important than ever.

Fast installation

Installers love it!

With pre wired connectors and auto setup software, it's a doddle.

Fanless cooling

Completely Silent, The custom IP metal case, keeps out dust & moisture while staying cool and reliable.

Boost feature

Need a boost?

No problem! The manual and timed override features enable full control when needed.

Market leading warranty

E.R.S is designed and built to last. But if you need support we've got you covered.

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Universally Compatible

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