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FAZE ECO is our fit and forget no fuss solution. 


With F-POINT technology®, plug and play connections and automated setup as standard. It's perfect for domestic solar applications to support a gas or oil system boiler.


Fanless cooling:

The FAZE ECO has an aluminium enclosure. The result: Silent running, increased reliability and system efficiency.


Battery Compatibility:

When designing a multi technology renewable energy system, each storage medium must have differing priority settings. This is the speed that the device measures export energy. FAZE ECO has hyper-fast reaction speed as default. This results in priority being given to the FAZE over, for example a battery storage system. In order to give the battery storage system priority we slow down the FAZE’s export measurement speed to be slower than the battery. When the battery mode is on the LED will illuminate and the measurement speed will be slowed down to 10 seconds, giving other devices priority of export energy.


Plug and Play Connectors:

The FAZE ECO is quick to install. With our pre-wired IEC connectors you'll have a quick, efficient and trouble free, installation.


Manual Boost Function:
The manual boost function, situated on the front of the FAZE ECO enables the user to override power output for 90 minutes. 


5 Year Warranty:
The FAZE ECO has a 3 year warranty. This can be extended to 5 years for free by registering your product.


F-POINT technology®:

F-POINT technology makes our product the most efficient on the market. With a reaction time of <200ms, eliminating unwanted grid import during operation




• Automated management of surplus solar energy to run heating device  
• Intelligent self-learning algorithm means automated setup
• Output levels from 5% to 100% of load 
• Efficient control results in extremely low loss, 98% efficiency 
• Electrical noise emissions such as EMI, EMC, surpass industry standards 
• Independently tested and verified


  • Whats Included?

    1.  Factory pre wired cable/connector set consisting of 2 x 2.5 meter, black, 3 core 1.5mm flex.
    2.  Current transformer for power measurement.
    3.  Current transformer connector (Pre-Wired)
    4.  Wall fixing set
    5.  Installation guide and warranty information. 
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