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E.R.S MINI Features



F-POINT technology
 ® Advanced Power Control

• Reaction time of <200ms, eliminating unwanted grid import during operation
• Automated management of surplus solar energy to run heating device  
• Intelligent self-learning algorithm means automated setup
• Output levels from 5% to 100% of load 
• Efficient control results in extremely low loss, 98% efficiency 
• Emissions of EMI, EMC, Flicker and Harmonic distortion surpass industry standards 
• Independently tested and verified by the University of Gloucestershire 

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The custom made aluminium enclosure effectively dissipates the low level heat generated during operation, making the use of cooling fans unnecessary. The result: silent running, increased reliability and system efficiency. 

The ERS mini edition is sealed against the ingress of dust and moisture to protect the internal electronics, to IP44. The result: no dust ingress to overheat internal components and no moisture ingress to corrode the electronics. This increases reliability which leads to longer component life.   

The ERS Mini Edition features high quality German engineered connectors ensuring a high quality secure connection. This results in a quick and efficient, trouble free, installation. 

The manual boost function, situated on the front of the ERS mini unit enables the user to override the ERS mode for 90 minutes. The unit will display 'Boost' and count down the timed period. After this period ERS will continue normal operation. 


Each PowerFlow Mini Edition has a 2 year warranty backed by PowerFlow, whose founders have over a decade of industry experience in designing and developing renewable technologies for national manufacturers and government agencies. 


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