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ERS 4 Silver Edition

Advanced Solar Immersion Heating Controller

Built to last, every aspect of the design has been deeply considered to ensure
long lasting class leading performance


Compatible with any solar system

Storing solar energy as hot water is currently the cost effective way to use your surplus solar energy
 Built to industry leading standards, including a host of new features and increased performance,
ERS 4 Silver Edition has a class leading finish, is flexible, efficient and user friendly.

Fully automated. Completely in control

Live LCD display gives accurate information on your homes energy demand and system status.

Accurately tracks surplus solar power, diverting excess into existing heating loads such as immersion or space heaters

Eliminates unwanted import during operation due to fast reacting F-POINT technology

Powerful electronics provide 4kW of output to any heating device 

Useful Features 

Easy to use menu gives flexible setup options for both installer and user

Three position
main power switch incorporating safety test isolation, ERS operation and manual bypass positions.

Flexible Design

The ERS 4 Silver Edition will run almost any heating device 

This means you can't run your fridge or freezer but you can run the following: 

Immersion heaters
Oil filled towel rails for bathroom heating 
Storage heaters or electric bar heaters for space heating 
Electric underfloor heating 

External devices can also be controlled using the smart relay feature as well
as external timers for use with economy 7 electricity tariffs.