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PowerFlow's Energy Recovery System - ERS

Advanced Solar Immersion Heating

During its daily cycle a grid connected renewable generator such as solar PV, produces electrical power based on available natural energy. Due to the very nature of these renewable technologies the production of power does not always coincide with demand. 

When energy production is greater than demand the surplus is exported to the national grid where your solar energy is used by someone else.  This results in lost opportunities to increase your self consumption.

PowerFlow's solar immersion heating technology is designed to save surplus PV energy without the use of batteries

PowerFlow Energy - Technologies - How a PowerFlow Energy Recovery System can increase self consumption with solar technology

Make the most of your home grown energy! 

store it for use when you need it most.

A key accessory for solar PV or wind generators, PowerFlow's Energy Recovery System (ERS)
is a true solar water controller designed from the ground up

By accurately controlling electrical heating loads, such as immersion water heaters or wall mounted space heaters, ERS is able to smoothly divert additional solar energy to be stored as heat. 
It does this by cleverly controlling your existing heating device meaning no other specialist heating equipment is required.

Recovering energy in this way results in a gas, oil or electricity saving.
The foundation of the ERS energy control system is F-POINT technology®, an advanced energy control method designed by PowerFlow's engineers in the UK.

The house below shows how PowerFlow ERS can be easily integrated into an existing hot water system. 
Thanks to its plug and play system, typical installations take just a few hours by a trained electrician.

PowerFlow Energy - The Solar House - Install a PowerFlow Energy Recovery System in Just One Hour

A fully integrated storage solution

PowerFlow's Energy Recovery System forms part of a bigger energy picture for the home or business. 

ERS has also been designed to work with PowerFlow's Sundial AC battery storage system, meaning,
for the first time a fully integrated energy management and storage system for the home can be achieved.

ERS Product Range

PowerFlow offers a range of ERS devices to suite different requirements. They are all designed to control heating devices and are all built with F-POINT technology® as standard. 
In conjunction with a standard immersion or space heater, ERS can divert exported energy in a way that meets the highest of quality standards.

ERS is designed to allow energy storage independantly of the Sundial battery storage system or to work seamlessly with it. 



Designed as an entry level, no fuss unit, with F-POINT technology® and plug and play automated operation as standard. Suitable for domestic applications, it’s a fit and forget solution.





Our new flagship model.

E.R.S PRO is built on the foundations of its predecessors but with updated electronics, improved thermal efficiency and an updated software platform.

E.R.S PRO is suitable for more advanced domestic installations or 3 phase commercial applications that require more power to be diverted.


ERS-EL6 Export Limitation Module

Export control for restricted DNO connections. ERS-EL6 is a 6kW add on export control module which can be used in combination with E.R.S PRO.
It is designed to be a universal control device for the disconnection of any
grid connected solar inverter up to 6kW in AC power output.

It enables the connection of larger domestic solar systems where grid connection permission is restricted under the G100 regulation.

Each ERS-EL6 is designed and manufactured in accordance with the network operators code of practice for a specific installation and is supplied with a unique commissioning certificate.