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FAZE THREE is our new three-phase power diverter, available in two powerful models: 9kW and 18kW total output. Engineered for both domestic and commercial applications, this device seamlessly supports gas or oil system boilers, enhancing energy efficiency and savings.


Key Features:

  • Battery Compatibility: Simply press boost to activate battery copatibility mode. If you have a battery, each storage medium must have differing priority settings. This is changed by the speed that the FAZE THREE measures export energy. FAZE THREE has hyper-fast reaction speed as default. This results in priority being given to the FAZE THREE over, for example a battery storage system. In order to give the battery storage system priority we slow down the FAZE THREE’s export measurement speed to be slower than the battery. When the battery mode is on the LED will illuminate and the measurement speed will be slowed down to 10 seconds, giving other devices priority of export energy.

  • Manual Boost Function: The manual boost function allows users to manually override power output on all phases for 120 minutes, offering additional hot water when needed.

  • 5 Year Warranty: FAZE THREE comes with a standard 2-year warranty, which can be extended to 5 years at no additional cost by registering your product.

  • Fanless Cooling: Encased in a robust aluminum enclosure, the FAZE THREE boasts silent operation and improved reliability due to its fanless design. Enjoy peace with silent running and optimal system efficiency.

  • LED displays: FAZE THREE features a separate LED bar for each phase, designed to assist in easily identifying any phase imbalances. Additionally, it is equipped with power LEDs for each phase, allowing for a quick visual confirmation that all phases are functioning properly. This intuitive display system ensures optimal performance monitoring and simpler troubleshooting.

  • Advanced F-POINT Technology®: Equipped with our patented F-POINT Technology®. This innovation delivers an unmatched efficiency with a reaction time of less than 200 milliseconds, eliminating unwanted grid import during operation.

FAZE THREE 18kW 3-Phase Solar Power Diverter

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