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The PowerFlow Team

Our journey so far

The founders of PowerFlow Energy have over a decade of experience in the renewable energy sector. 
We have developed and installed technologies for national manufacturers and government agencies, as well as private estates. 
Over the past 6 years, we have used this wealth of experience to concentrate our efforts on the development of energy storage products.   

The unlikely pairing of two great minds

Challenging conventional thinking

PowerFlow products may be relatively new, but the knowledge embedded within them certainly is not. 
With over a decade of experience in the renewables industry,
real understanding and experience is put into our products.  

We appreciate what the installer requires and what the consumer wants, and that comes from real experience.  
The key to our success; the unlikely pairing of two unique minds, that came together almost by accident. 
Not one's to dream up an idea in an afternoon, their drive for design perfection is obsessive.

Ian Murray

Managing Director

The young mad scientist, with a brilliant mind for concept design.

Over 10 years of experience in the renewable industry and a degree in engineering science,
Ian has already innovated several national and internationally successful products in the renewables sector.  

Constantly thinking of new concepts, Ian's vision is to challenge the limits of product design.
This in turn should make renewable technologies accessible to more people and ultimately achieve our
company's ambition of a more sustainable way to generate and use electrical energy. 

Watch Ian's Interview on battery storage

George Overton

Technical Director

 Our very own Yoda of electronic engineering. 

His approach to complex software, algorithmic control and electronic hardware design are second to none.  

George has a published book already under his belt, a degree in physical electronics, as well as 40 years of experience in the electronics industry.