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  PowerFlow Company Overview

Great British Innovation - Made in the UK

Creating sustainable energy to cap climate change is one of the the greatest challenges humanity must face over the next decade and beyond.  

It must be our generation’s responsibility to invent the future of clean energy technologies, so future generations may prosper in a sustainable world

Ian Murray, Founder and CEO


Welcome to PowerFlow Energy.

We believe passionately about protecting our planet for future generations

we also believe this can be achieved through technical advancement in how
we generate and use energy.
  Currently the greatest factor driving climate change 

PowerFlow Energy's mission is to increase the availability of self generated power by continually developing
and innovating 
energy storage technology in order to maximise the efficient use of electrical energy
from renewable sources. 
This in turn will contribute to C0² reduction and help to combat climate change. 

That's why we have made a commitment to continue to innovate advanced products
that make a real difference.
By making installation and end use simpler and quicker, more products can
be intergrated into our homes and business, helping to decentralise energy production.   

Our philosophy to innovation and design 

Just because we can, doesn't mean we should!

It seems that today's drive for technology advancement results in product features that exist purely because it is possible to achieve, rather than because it is required to enhance the operation of that product.  

At PowerFlow, we believe that a product should fundamentally work well and be as automated as possible resulting in simple uncluttered operation. 

That's why by automating operation as much as possible we deliver products that simply enhance your life style, rather than complicate it further.


Below are a few of our design hero's that inspire us...   


 To be innovative means to be truly 

Sir Albert Einstien


"Strive for perfection in everything you do. Take the best that exists and make it better.

When it does not exist, design it"

Sir Henry Royce