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Universally compatible 

with any solar PV generation system

It doesn't matter how many solar panels you have, what solar inverter you own, or what make they are..  As long as you have excess electricity, Sundial can use it.  

Installation anywhere

Sundial's AC coupled small footprint design, means complete flexibility when it comes to installation. 

It's perfect in any garage or utility space, the cupboard under the stairs, even above the downstairs loo!  In fact, we have seen Sundial installed in all sorts of places within the home. 
In order to protect the battery pack, the only two places we don't recommend is outside because its to cold in the winter and in the loft space because it's too hot in the summer.


A bigger battery isn't necessarily better!  

The is the most common question we are asked, how much battery capacity do i need?

PowerFlow have deeply considered the answer to this question and have concluded that matching PV capacity with battery capacity is about the right balance of performance vs cost 


Ultimatly the more battery capacity you install the less energy you will buy, only until the point where you cannot charge or discharge it fully


The UK we receive just 10% of the suns energy in the winter compared to in the summer. 

Installing a large capacity battery on an average sized 4kW solar PV system simply doesn't make sense.

If you can't fill the battery in the winter and you can't empty it in the summer, Its to big!


Sundial allows you to tailor the size of your storage system to suit you

That's a big difference. 

combine this with its advanced battery management and energy control systems and sundial is the most versatile battery of them all.  


Do i need back up power with my battery storage system.

Think of when you last experianced a power cut, how long was it for.

Integrating automated backup power requires expensive control.

Couple this with the conflicting factor that if a proportion of battery capacity is to be set aside for backup, that reduces usable storage capacity and in turn reduces savings.


Sundial tracks your base load

The houses base load is defined by appliances that run all of the time.  
This is the part of your energy use that costs the most. It's not boiling the kettle or running the oven,
these are high power devices, but they only run for a short period of time, that means they dont use that much energy.

The highest use appliances in your home in general are your fridge, freezer, central heating and lighting.
These appliances are low powered, but they are on for the biggest proportion of time and thats what costs.

Sundials low input and output power levels are designed address this most costly part of your energy bill whilst at the same time ensuring battery life is kept to a maximum