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Sundial M6-M8 and S6-S8 Features


Universally compatible 

It doesn't matter how many solar panels you have, what solar inverter you own, or what make they are..
As long as you have excess electricity, Sundial can use it.  


F-POINT technology ® Advanced Power Control

 Reaction time of <400ms, eliminating unwanted grid import during operation
• Automated management of surplus solar energy to run heating device  
• Intelligent self-learning algorithm means automated setup
• Efficient control results in high system efficiency 
• Emissions of EMI, EMC, Flicker and Harmonic distortion surpass industry standards 

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The custom made aluminium enclosure effectively dissipates low level heat generated during operation without the use of a fan. During hotter days additional automatic temperature control is carried out using the 4 internal ultra low noise fans.  The cooling system ensures the internal battery packs are protected and running at their optimum.

An inbuilt backlit LCD display is housed on the front of the Sundial M6 and M8 devices. It shows live information about the building energy use and the system status. The display features the live import/export power status and live battery charge/discharge status as well as operation status and total kWh savings. 

All Sundial M and S series devices feature high quality German engineered connectors ensuring a high quality secure connection. This results in a quick and efficient, trouble free, installation. 

Each Sundial device has a standard 2 year warranty which can be extended to 5 years for function and 10 years for battery performance free.You can find out more about the warranty terms and conditions and register your product <here>.




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