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PowerFlow Portal Account Setup



Creating A New Energy Gateway

To create a PowerFlow Portal account, you must input a valid email address, you're chosen password and the System ID (serial) number of your Energy Gateway Device into the relevant fields.  The System ID (serial) number can be found on the Identification plate label on the front of the Energy Gateway.



Creating A New Portal Account

If you do not own an Energy Gateway you can still create an account if you wish to view another persons system. for example if you are an installer. In order to create an account, you must have been added as a user or guest by the system owner. This can be done in the system Configuration page within the system owners portal account.

Once the email address of the user or guest has been added, a new account can be created using the same email address. 

At least one user or guest access is necessary in order for the secondary user to view a third party system. 

When registering an account, it is not necessary to input system ID (serial) number. 



Important Note

In order for the full features of PowerFlow Portal to be available, it is important to check first what software version is loaded onto the Sundial M device. V3.0 or later must be loaded.

To check the software version, switch off the Sundial device at the AC isolator provided, wait 10 seconds and then switch back on. The display will show the software version during the boot up sequence.