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Battery Management

The battery management page is to enable the user to set the Sundial battery storage system into charge or discharge mode.

By doing this the Sundial system can be overridden from the default (auto) operation from which charging or discharging occurs from the buildings energy measurement.  When in charge mode, the battery can be timed to charge from grid electricity during periods of low cost energy, for example at night, depending on the buildings energy tariff.


Description of battery management parameters. 


Priority: 1 - 24

The priority of the command sets the order in which it will be actioned. For example, if a particular command line is set to priority 1, it will be actioned first before all other commands, followed by priority 2 and so on.   


Command: ----, Auto, Charge, Pause

---- : No Action

Auto: The Sundial system will operate in auto mode. The charge / discharge operation of the battery will be controlled by the connected current clamp measuring the building energy supply. 

Charge: The Sundial system will be set to charge the battery to the set charge percentage with in the set time period.

Pause: The Sundial system will allow output power based on the buildings energy use until the set battery percentage is reached. At this point the system will stop outputting until the set time period has completed.   


Charge: 0% to 100% in 10% steps

Denotes the desired charge or discharge percentage of the battery pack relating to the command action selected.  


Start Date: Calendar Year

Date at which the command will start


End Date: Calendar Year

Date at which the command will stop


Start Time: 24 hour clock

Time at which the command will start


End Time: 24 hour clock

Tie at which the command will stop


Status: ----, Enabled, Disabled

Status of the command.